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can we all take a moment to appreciate how fucking strong Jody Miller is? her dead kid killed her husband and she found the strength in herself to keep living, and even more, to keep fighting for good in a fucked up, evil world, like wow she’s a fucking badass she lost everything and here she is protecting and taking care of random people and she should have a cult or something all hail Jody Mills

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Okay I know charlie is a badass character with a sad backstory BUT lemme tell u somethin about Jody badass motherfucker Mills, this bitch watched her zombie child eat her fucking husband and she is still 100% fearless in the face in absolutely anything, this bitch pulled a…

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i love people responding to their pets’ noises with ‘i know’

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Things that need to stop being in kid shows.

"I can’t lose to a girl"

"I can’t believe I lost to a girl"

"you let a girl beat you"

If you keep showing these types of mindsets to kids they’re going to think they should think that way as well.


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Guess whose actually been writing!?

Guess whose actually been writing!?

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The moment when Sam legit questioned if he’d gotten out of hell.

"Thanks for saving the world" as if Dean did it. Which he didn’t. Because the last book that Chuck wrote was "Swan Song". In which Sam saved the world by sacrificing his body and soul and throwing himself into the Cage with two archangels.
"Sorry you have such bad luck with the ladies" as if somehow Sam’s "bad luck with the ladies" is his fault, instead of everyone around him y’know. Killing them.

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some people are like “you shouldnt throw the word love around so easily” but im full of love, i love so many people here. i love everyone and i need to let people know that i love them.

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You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.





I got one ;-;

Please? This looks fun

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I bet Dean used to read Green Eggs and Ham to Sam when they were younger.

Sam would probably get so excited whenever Dean would say his name in the book and be like “Dean, that’s my name! I’m in the book!” and Dean would just laugh and agree.

I bet after a while, Dean would just stop reading the “Sam I am” part and would look at Sam to cue him to say it while pointing at himself all happy and excited.

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